"Airport Transfers Turkey Tripadvisor" is the most common search word when it comes to finding the best , cheap and the reliable airport transfer company. For your holiday transfers in Turkey. After being in airport transfer business since 2007. We just wanted to give you some tips about cheap and private airport transfers in Turkey. Airport Transfers Turkey Cheap Shuttle Taxi Price insights.

Which Airport to Choose for your holiday in Turkey ?

You would be suprised how many people book flights to wrong airports in Turkey. This is sometimes just because the flight prices are cheaper for a specific airport. And sometimes the hotel is fully booked and you need to change the hotel. But the travel agent offers you a hotel in different resort than the original one. In both scenarios, you end up with booking a long distance private airport transfer in Turkey.

Antalya Airport instead of Dalaman Airport ?

For example, let's say you booked a hotel in Fethiye for your holiday. You are in the search for flights from London Gatwick. The airport for your flights should be DALAMAN Airport. But when checking the flight prices, you see ANTALYA Airport flights are alot cheaper. Let's round the prices to, LGW to Dalaman 1 person Return flight price is £200. But flight to Antalya Airport is £145 Return. It looks like a good deal. Check the map below.

Distance between Dalaman and Antalya Airports

As you see on the image above, the distance between Antalya and Dalaman Airport is 240 KM which is about 3 hours and 30 minutes transfer time and about £150 per way transfer price on private transfer for upto 3 people maximum. It is not just to do with the price ofcourse, it is to do with the time. Your valuable first hours of holiday are waste. But if you boook your flights to the right airport with a bit extra , you will get to your hotel in much cheaper and faster way.

How Much should i expect to pay for airport to hotel transfers in Turkey ?

There are alot of airport transfer companies in Turkey. You can ofcourse make your decision of going with which. But please consider the facts below when you are making your price researches.

  • Do the prices look right to you ?

If you are a frequent traveller and went from Antalya Airport to Alanya on private taxi transfer at the price of £35 last year. This year there is an other company offering you private taxi transfer for the same journey at the price of £20. This does not look right to us, does it to you ?

Here is the most common issue with over-cheap transfers that takes place. These people are usually individual people who collect money from friends or family members and buys a minivan. Then they create a social media account start to attract people with their cheap prices. At the same time they are trying to fill their empty legs. If they can fill the empty legs yes they might appear at the airport for your transfer. But what if they can't ?

We receive alot of phone calls and last minute requests from the holiday makers every year. Asking us if we could provide them airport transfers in Turkey at the very last minute. Which is very last minute, they call us just before they are boarding on their flight to Turkey. Explaining that the person they booked with just let them down as they could not fill the empty leg. So no transfer available for them.

Airport Transfers Turkey Cheap Shuttle Taxi Price

When you book with a proper airport transfer company in Turkey, no matter what you still would get your transfer arranged for you.

Why book your transfers with random People ?

When you need a new electronic device, we are sure that you check with online and offline stores to find the best device with best price. The best brand at the best price is the correct word isn't it ? But you would not want to buy an unbranded device. Just because you can not be sure if anyone would be behind that device if things go wrong. Will there be anyone you can go back to ? Who is in charge for unexpected situations ? Booking airport transfer with "some friend's friend" is exactly the same.They may have a busy facebook page with a lot of comments. But who are they ? A registered company or just someone with couple of vans ?

With a proper airport transfer company, you always have someone to go back, as proper company can not just say, " i blocked you on facebook "

This is the first blog post about the information we would like to give you and there will be more to come. Please follow us on Instagram to get the latest updates.




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