The personal information you supply when you are registering on our web sites are kept in our database and not shared with third parties. All your information such as your address, telephone numbers etc can only be used for the web site you subscribe or you book on. ie, if you have subscribed with our flights web site, you are NOT able to use the same user name and password on our transfers web site.All our web sites work independant therefore you will need to subscribe again if you would like to be registered with more than one web site of ours. A subscription is held under the database of the selected and subscribed web site and not combined or shared with any other.


We / Holidays Abroad Ltd use the world's leading payment company PAYPAL to give you the BEST credit or debit card payment PROTECTION. Once you have selected your service , product ( ie. Transfer or Flight ticket ) and followed the steps for the booking, you will be taken to the PAYPAL SECURE PAYMENT PAGE. We accept all major credit and debit cards. To read more about the PAYMENT PROTECTION you get on our website please click HERE.

Links to Other Sites and Promotional messages from 3rd Parties
For your convenience, we have included links to other websites on the Site which you may find useful. Any linked websites are operated by third parties and are not within our control. We cannot determine how such third parties may use the data you supply to them and such websites are therefore not covered by this privacy policy. Furthermore HolidayHoppa makes no representation or warranty with respect to the content of any email messages sent by third parties or any goods or services, which may be obtained from such third parties, and you agree that HolidayHoppa shall have no liability with respect thereto.


We do not offer any type of travel or holiday insurance and it or they are NOT included to our prices. On the Flight bookings you are just covered by the insurance of the Airline company and their insurance policies are in use. On the Transfer bookings you are insured only when you are on the transfer vehicle which is provided by us. Other than that it is your own responsiblety to book / buy your holiday insurance. We only can provide insurances up on requests made through e-mail on

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