Whether you book shuttle transfer or private transfers with us, we will take you to your hotel. But what is the difference between the two services and how to book them. This is your guide to choose the right airport transfer type for your Turkey holiday. Let’s start with what we mean when we say shuttle transfer or private transfers.

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What is Private Airport Transfer ?

Private transfer is an airport transfer service which we provide solely for the family or group who books it. Basicly it is not a combined or shared transfer. You can book it for yourself as solo traveller or for your family upto maximum 45 passengers in one vehicle. Private Airport Transfers offer you no waiting at the airport on your arrival. You might be on a late night arrival flight and you would not want to wait at the airport after your arrival would you ? You arrive into your destination airport, collect your luggage and proceed to your meeting point with your driver / airport controller. Then your transfer start. Easy isn’t it ? Private Airport Transfers also offer non-stop journey. So it is a direct transfer from the airport to your hotel or private accommodation. It also offers you privacy. As it is not a shared transfer option there will not be other travellers with you during your transfer. Our private airport transfer rates are economic, so it offers you economy.

What does Private Airport Transfer offer ?

Private Airport Transfers with HolidayHoppa offers you economy. Our prices are low and competetive. Depending on the size of your group, your airport transfer cost even can go lower than shared transfer. Faster journey, as it is private service there is no refreshment stops. It is direct airport transfer to your hotel. Privacy: As there will only be you or your group in the transport you have all the privacy. No waiting on arrival: You will not have to wait for other travellers to come out from their flights on your arrival. This could be really hard sometimes whether you are on a late night arrival flight with that tiredness or if on a day flight arrival, under that hot sun. Able to offer door to door service for both hotels and private accommodation. Private Transfers are available from / to all airports we operate.

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What is Shuttle Transfer ?

Shuttle Transfers are shared transfer options. Which means, you and other people from the flights landing at near times travel on the same transport. When you book shuttle transfers, you need to know that there may be waiting time of upto 1 hour after you meet with the driver / airport controller for other travellers. Your waiting time does not start after your flight lands but it starts after you meet with the airport controller or the driver. As this service is a shared transfer, there will ofcourse be other drop offs after you reach the holiday resort. And also mandatory refreshment stop en-route. You may be the first or the last drop off depending on the location of your hotel. Shuttle transfer can be cheaper than the private airport transfers if there are 3 or less travellers in your group.

What does shuttle transfer offer ?

Shuttle Airport transfers can be economic if there are 3 or less people in your group.

Shuttle Transfer or Private Transfer ? Which one to book ?

With the facts we have explained. We definitly recommend Private Airport Transfers with HolidayHoppa. We do offer low-cost private airport transfers in Turkey.

How to book airport transfers ?

1- Go on to https://www.holidayhoppa.com
2- Search for your airport and resort
3- Select the airport transfer type you would like to book.
4- Fill your information. Thats easy as it is.

Shuttle or Private Transfers ?

We have explained you what is shuttle and what is private transfer. It is totally your choice which one to go with. We will be waiting for you on your arrival at your destination airport. Holiday Starts at your destination airport, so give it a good start. Book with HolidayHoppa.com