You may be planning to partly or permenantly live in Turkey. Or get a residency permit in Turkey or already have one. The most complicated government processes could be done by your finger tips in Turkey. We will explain ” What is E-Devlet ( E-Government ) in Turkey “.

  1. What is e-devlet ( E-Government ) in Turkey ?

    E-Devlet means E-Government. It is a web and mobile application based system. That offers you the ability to do a lot of government based processes on your mobile device or on your computer.

  2. What can you do on e-devlet ?

    There are alot of services available for mainly Turkish citizens. But the most of them will be available for you aswell if you hold a residency permit and have got a Foreigner National ID Number.
    – You can, Check and pay your property tax and other taxes. Your traffic fines. If you are involved in a law-case you can get all the details on there. There are other services like checking how many Turkish phone lines are registered on your name for both land and cell. You can check your property registration details. If you have visited a Turkish hospital, you can even see your test results and prescription with the help of a connected application called E-NABIZ. You can pay your MTV ( Motorised Transportation Tax ). The new function added in September 2020. You can now view your subscriptions such as Tv or Internet services and even cancell them.

  3. Why should i use e-devlet ?

    Bacily it saves you time and offers you a lot of information. You can even file your complaint about a governmental service. All these can be done at the comfort of your home or your mobile phone.

  4. How to apply for e-devlet in Turkey ?

    First of all you will need your residency permit and your foreigners id number to be able to apply for e-devlet password. If you already have them, you can go to the nearest PTT Office ( Post Office with yellow PTT sign ). There is a little charge of 2 TL. You will then be given your e-devlet password. If you do not have a foreigners id number. You will need to go to immigration office to the registration department and apply for one with your residency permit. The new residency permits are card type and they come with a foreigners id number anyway. The most of them start with 99 and they are 11 digits in total.

  5. How to use e-devlet in Turkey or in your contry ?

    It looks complicated. But it is quiet easy. As the system asks ” You are about to do such…, Are you sure you would like to proceed ? ” question. Before it takes you on to the relevant page or process your operation. To use the system on your computer you can go on to or download e-devlet application on your IOS or Android device. Unfortunately e-devlet is not offered in English or other languages yet. But getting help from one of your Turkish friends will still save you time rather than going to the governmental office.

Turkey is a single-centre managed country. So all the laws and obligations are the same in whole Turkey. It is the main issue that Turkey has adopt all these services onto an online platform. So Ankara the capital could provide these services easier and faster. You still ofcourse can go to a governmental offices and sort your processes out. But it will take time and more effort of finding the location, getting language help etc. You can access e-devlet ( E-Government ) on

What about your privacy ?

Your privacy is very important in Turkey aswell. Turkey has the same regulations and laws for Personal Privacy as EU. So the application you download onto your mobile device will not collect your data. It only gives you the information you need. Offers you alot of services. Gives you ability of making payments or checking your tax history. This application and the website is ideal for home owners or residency permit holders. If you are just visiting Turkey for your holiday. This isnt necessary for you.

You now know What is e-devlet in Turkey. We hope this article is helpfull for you. If you have any questions or comments regarding to e-devlet please leave your comment below.

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