Shared Shuttle Transfers

Shared Shuttle Bus transfers ( which we call HOPPA BUS ) are economic way to arrive your point. You can either arrive on a late night flight or an early morning flight, Whereever we operate Hoppa Bus transfers and whenever they come up available on your search, you can book them. 

 Dalaman Airport Hoppa Bus Transfers

per person  

Dalaman Airport to Marmaris Shuttle Transfer
from £ 6,25

Dalaman Airport to Icmeler Shuttle Transfer
from £ 6,25

Dalaman Airport to Olu deniz Shuttle Transfer
from £ 6,25

Dalaman Airport to Hisaronu Shuttle Transfer
from £ 6,25

Dalaman Airport to Calis Beach Shuttle Transfer

from £ 6,25

How it works

Once you book your Hoppa Bus transfer with , your booking is directly sent to the local office in the resort you will be travelling to / from and the process starts. The local office is the place where the bookings are stored and managed. The overseas staff then arranges your seat on one of the Hoppa Busses that is assigned to your flight or the nearest flight which has similar timing with yours.

On your arrival, you only need to follow the meeting instructions which is explained on your Status:Confirmed voucher which is emailed to you by our system after your booking gets confirmed. To be able to offer these low prices on Hoppa Bus transfers, we ofcourse need you to share the same transfer vehicle with other travellers. When all the guests who will be sharing that bus is out and met, the bus starts the journey. There will be drop offs on arrival transfers and pick ups on departure transfers, depending on the location of your hotel, you may be the first or the last drop off/pick up.

Luggages on Hoppa Bus Transfers

The luggage allowence on Hoppa Bus transfers are as same your flight luggage allowence which is basicly, a suitcase and a handluggage per person. In the most occasions there are plenty of extra luggage rooms on the vehicles used for Hoppa Bus transfers so if you have a couple of extra bags, there wouldnt be any problem, But incase you have excess luggage, Please inform us before you book so we can check to avoid you having to pay excess luggage or an extra transport to carry your luggages.

Sport Equipment on Hoppa Bus Transfers

Unfortunately, No sport equipment including, Surf Boards , Paraglides, Glides, Parachutes or similar are permittet on Hoppa Bus transfers, If your equipment is small enough to go into your luggage than ofcourse that is fine but if it gets damaged during the transfer, we can not be held responsible.

Restrictions on Hoppa Bus Transfers

All of the Hoppa Bus transfers we operate in TURKEY are available ONLY for DIRECT FLIGHTS from / to the United Kingdom. This is just because of timings. As we operate Bus gets full and Goes basis to be able to offer you less waiting time at the airport, We are not able to accept bookings on Hoppa Bus for those who are not on Direct United Kingdom Flights or else it will ofcourse cause long waiting times at the airport on arrival. In some cases, we are able to accept bookings for travellers who are NOT on direct United Kingdom flights, but please contact us before you book if you are NOT on direct United Kingdom Flight. Oh one more point not to be missed, No you are NOT permitted to smoke on the Hoppa Bus Transfers.

Child / Baby / Booster seats on Hoppa Bus Transfers

Unfortunately, Child / Baby / Booster seats can NOT be provided on Hoppa Bus Transfers, If you are planning to bring your own, you are welcome, but you need to remember to book an extra hoppa bus seat for the child/baby/booster seat to be located on.