DescountCoin Discounts Supported

DESC Cryptocurrency gets you Discount on airport transfers

DescountCoin is the first cryptocurrency that issues discount to your online shoppings for good or services. HolidayHoppa is happy to announce that DESCOUNT the cryptocurrency now supported and accepted as a discount provider for airport transfers. You can either pay in DESC the cryptocurrency or hold minimum 20 bDESC ( Binance Smart Chain ) or 20 DESC ( Ethereum ERC20 ) in your wallet to gain 10% discount on your airport transfer bookings for 2021 and 2022. You can also make profit by trading DESC coin on exchanges.

How to Get your Discount with DESCOUNT Cryptocurrency

You can get 10% Discount on your airport transfer bookings on HolidayHoppa in two ways with Descount Cryptocurrency.

A - By Holding 20 $bDESC ( Binance Smart Chain - BEP20 protocol ) token in your wallet. You only need 20 $bDESC in your BSC compitable crypto wallet. The amount of bDESC you need in your wallet is subject to change time to time, the amount needed at the moment will remain the same for 2 months starting from 01/06/2021 and bookings can be made for ANY dates. This is an offline service at the moment and soon it will be available online but for now, Please contact us using the whatsapp button on the right bottom of this page. You will be asked to provide your public wallet address for verification that you have required amount of bDESC in your wallet. Once the check is done, the total amount of your booking will be lowered by 10 %. You will then make the payment either online or on arrival in cash in your currency but minus 10%. The amount on your confirmed voucher will show the discounted amount.

B- By paying in $bDESC or $DESC directly from your wallet to HolidayHoppa DescountCoin wallet. If you hold enough DescountCoin in your wallet and would like to make the payment in Descount cryptocurrency please contact the online help via the whatsapp button located on the right bottom of this page and contact one of our representatives. We will deduct 10% off of your total price in real currency and inform you how much it makes in DescountCoin Cryptocurrency and provide you HolidayHoppa Descountcoin wallet address. Once you transfer the DESC into HolidayHoppa wallet, your booking will be confirmed and there will be a note on your booking stating that you have paid in Descount Coin and the amount in DESC or bDESC.

GET 10 bDESC For Free

DescountCoin is running an AIRDROP facility at the moment and giving 10 $bDESC for free to participants who follows the easy steps below :

1 - Like Descount Facebook page here:

2 - Follow Descount on Twitter here:

3 - Subscribe to Youtube Channel here:

4 - Join Telegram Group here: ( If you do not have Telegram it is still fine as long as you contact Descount on either Facebook or Twitter )

Add $bDESC as a new token on your BSC ( Binance Smart Chain ) Wallet with the contract address: 0x8182dc097d5356ea4fa7905d6bd098c13330b1c0

Then provide your BSC ( Binance Smart Chain - BEP20 ) Compitable $bDESC wallet public address to Descount on any of the social media accounts you followed. You will be airdropped 10 bDESC. Descount pays for  the airdrop transactions so you will be classed as bDESC Holder and viewable on BscScan.

How to Purchase $bDESC Cryptocurrency to book your airport transfers ?

You will need to purchase only 10 $bDESC, $bDESC is available on PancakeSwap at the moment.

PancakeSwap Link:

Available Pair is BNB to bDESC , The rate is: 0.000614436 BNB per bDESC which is approx £0,12 or $0,18 at the time of the writing ( 24/05/2021 ) subject to change. There is limited bDESC available it is best to get yours quick.

Important: Please use the same Wallet Addresses to get your bDESC tokens airdropped and to purchase coins on PancakeSwap Exchange. If you use different wallets you will need to transfer them all into one wallet to be able to be eligable for shopping discounts on HolidayHoppa and making transfers incur network transfer fee.

More information about DESCOUNT - Decentralized Discount Issuer project:

Disclaimer: Investing on Cryptocurrencies do involve high risk of potential loss. Please make your own due diligence before you invest on ANY cryptocurrency. HolidayHoppa is partnered with Descount as we believe the future money is crypto.HolidayHoppa only holds responsibility to provide mentioned discount to holders and has no other responsibility or control over the exchange rates.