Agios Mamas Transfers

THESSALONIKI AIRPORT ( SKG ) transfers to / from Agios Mamas. Available Transfers from THESSALONIKI AIRPORT ( SKG ) to Agios Mamas. Please note that some THESSALONIKI AIRPORT ( SKG ) transfers may operate seasonally, So please use our search box to get answers to your How to get to Agios Mamas from THESSALONIKI AIRPORT ( SKG ) question.

Transfer time from

THESSALONIKI AIRPORT ( SKG ) to Agios Mamas : 0 h 45 m

Agios Mamas Shared Taxi Transfer ( 3 stops max )

Agios Mamas Shared Taxi Transfer ( 3 stops max )

Shared Small Vehicle Transfer, For Economic and Fast Arrival,Waiting time at the airport is max. 15 minutes after you meet us

Priced Per Vehicle£39,00 BOOK NOW
Agios Mamas Private Taxi

Agios Mamas Private Taxi

Fast & None-Stop transfer, direct from the airport to your holiday pad.This is NOT a shared service.

Priced Per Vehicle£55,00 BOOK NOW
Agios Mamas Private Minibus

Agios Mamas Private Minibus

Fast & None-Stop airport transfer service for the larger families or groups.Get ahead of the crowds. This is NOT a shared service.

Priced Per Vehicle£70,00 BOOK NOW

THESSALONIKI AIRPORT ( SKG ) transfer prices to Popular resorts

  • Agia Triada£18,00 Priced Per Vehicle
  • Agia Triada£30,00 Priced Per Vehicle
  • Afitos£50,00 Priced Per Vehicle
  • Afitos£71,50 Priced Per Vehicle
  • Afitos£92,00 Priced Per Vehicle
  • Please use our search box to find out the prices for your resort

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